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Helping You Help Your Child

We’re Committed to Children’s Health

Together, We Can Make It Happen

Founded by Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Valente Orozco, Clovis Counseling firmly believes that therapy should be a collaborative process. This means that individuals should be actively involved in the development of their treatment goals and remain engaged throughout the treatment process.

Our assessments and evaluations take into consideration information from multiple sources in order to develop an understanding of not only the individual, but their environment as well. When this is done, interventions may be developed at multiple levels, e.g. individual, family, school, and community.

We believe that while therapy can be helpful in a number of situations, other interventions may benefit a family as well. Clovis Counseling offers consultation services, which allow for communication with schools and community agencies in order to identify resources as well as additional areas for intervention.

Connecting The Dots ...

Clovis Counseling seeks to work collaboratively with schools and community agencies to serve individuals and families effectively and efficiently. Often, no single entity has all the pieces to an otherwise complicated issue. We offer services to families designed to bridge these gaps and ‘connect the dots’ so that the child and family are supported across settings.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to Promote Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Health by Bringing Together the School, Home, and Community through Advocacy, Therapy, and Resource Coordination”

– Valente Orozco, LCSW

Meet the Founder of Clovis Counseling

Valente Orozco, LCSW, RPT-S, PPS

Mr. Orozco is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and Certified Gestalt Therapist with Adults, Children and Adolescents. In addition, he holds a Pupil Personnel Services credential in both School Social Work and Child Welfare and Attendance.

Your Child is Our Specialty

Mr. Orozco has served children and families in a variety of settings including outpatient mental health clinics, schools, and public social service agencies. He specializes in work with children, families, schools and communities to provide effective interventions supporting the overall health of the individual.

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“Clovis Counseling is Committed to Helping You

Help the Children in Your Care.”

– Valente Orozco, LCSW

Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

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