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Coming Together

The relationship you have with your therapist is the biggest factor contributing to positive outcomes in therapy. Establishing a relationship built on mutual trust and respect is the first step in the journey towards health. We work with individuals to establish this relationship from the very beginning. Our goal is to create an experience that allows you to connect with your sense of self and who you are, express those feelings and needs that are often hidden away, and realize the potential for growth inside each of us.

How We Work

In our work together, we explore the ways we take in our world and experience our relationships in the here-and-now. This awareness allows us to develop new ways of being, ways of relating to our world and connecting to those people and things we care about.

Our approach to therapy looks at the whole person within the context of their life. We seek to understand the impact of experience, past and present, to inform our work together in the present moment. Further informed by neuroscience, we understand that the therapeutic experience can support change as an individual gains deeper awareness of what IS, rather than what SHOULD be.

How We Heal

Using a Gestalt therapy framework, the therapy experience and the therapeutic relationship become new elements in the field of your life. Through this work we can come to understand more clearly the processes through which you experience yourself and your world. As we develop greater awareness of the HOW in the current moment, we can discover a richer and more satisfying array of options for fuller living.

How We Heal, cont.

With our relationship supporting a genuine meeting together, we can explore aspects of the therapeutic relationship that reflect longer-standing themes in your life and experiences. In this dynamic, interactive, and embodied process we can find ways of relating that supports fuller and richer relationships in your life. As we work together, we discover new aspects of your experience that can illuminate HOW you are going through life and WHAT you need for more healthful living.

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