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Helping You Help Your Child

When Parenting Becomes Challenging

You Are Not Alone

It is our responsibility as a community to do all we can to support our children’s success in life. Therefore as parents, you are not alone in the challenging world of parenting. Often times, children, adolescents and young adults need additional support to navigate the world around them. Parents, teachers and counselors all play an important role in the overall success of the child.

How We Help

Working together with the home, school, and community, Clovis Counseling seeks to offer services that increase the individual’s ability to succeed in all life areas. Following an evaluation and assessment process, a treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the child and family.

Clovis Counseling strives to include all members of the child’s support system in the overall plan for treatment. Exploring the child’s struggles with parents and teachers together often clarifies challenges and identifies areas for more effective interventions.

Clovis Counseling offers consultation services aimed at bringing the child’s support system together, increasing existing strengths, and developing interventions for lasting success.

How We Heal

In addition to working with the child’s support system, teachers and counselors, Clovis Counseling offers individual and family therapy to strengthen communication, increase coping skills, and improve the child’s overall functioning.

How We Heal, cont.

Through the therapeutic process, children have the experiences and develop the skills to better understand and manage their own behaviors and emotions. Families entrenched in arguments and “stuck” in unsuccessful practices can develop new understandings, identify more successful methods of communication, and increase family connectedness.

Let Us Help You Help Your Child

So when parenting becomes challenging, remember that you don’t have to face these issues alone. We’re here to help and support you & your child, so please call us today at 1-800-550-0617 or email us using the form below. You’ll be glad you did.

Helpful Tips & Information for Parents

Keep Informed, Keep Growing

Periodically, Clovis Counseling provides helpful tips, information, and supportive messages for parents and individuals interested in self-improvement, aware parenting, and support.

While these periodic emails are designed to be supportive, they are not psychotherapy or a replacement for assessment and/or appropriate treatment.

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“Clovis Counseling is Committed to Helping You

Help the Children in Your Care.”

– Valente Orozco, LCSW

Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

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